Sunday, November 9, 2014

Times New Roaming

 Times New Roaming

you can live without a future. i did once and  im doing it again.
it is a matter of not having being better, more freeing than having.

moment by moment i go, altho i get vague anxiety from
the American flag hangs in the neighbors yard, the metal at
the end of its rope clangs ghenst its own metal pole, so out of
nowhere, and random, i lie wondering at the ceiling.

you cant avoid the past. memories, dreams, people asking where
you’ve been & what you have been up to.  associations enter
streams of consciousness. things you see presently suggest grass
stains, chain-link. scrapes and old successes.

i do about ten or twelve Goofus things each day altho i lean
towards Gallant.  country Highlights. certain eclipses and each
and every sunrise punctuate my present, designating moments.
i do my dishes.  every moment is made of infinite moments.

i close my eyes.  i am a soul.  you are the same soul we all are;
a comfort to me now even if i do indulge, times.

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