Sunday, November 9, 2014

Nowhere to Sit

                           Nowhere to Sit

Time changed while we were together.   
 i took your divining rod into my own hands.  
 While the prominence of railroads has faded
in recent decades, the train endures as a common 
image in popular song dispersed like tracks some 
stories above crested waters edge. 
i lookt but didnt feel bashful tucking my trouser 
cuffs in cheap boots and walked behind you.  Oft used 
as a divining rod, the witch-hazels pliant capsule splits 
explosively at maturity in the autumn, ejecting seeds 
with sufficient force to fly distances of up to thirty-three feet. 

We spooked the cold and rain; sent it like a letter.  
Odor of fox urine wafted from the luminous moss jacket 
the boulder wore, tho Halloween had passed.  
i took like a thief a pinch of shade pine sap, small stones 
to palm on the car ride, a Lucifer mask.  The traditional
 focus of All Hallows Eve revolves around the theme of
using humor and ridicule to confront the power of death.
Buried by the weight of our happiness we merged 
at the outlet.   Shelby Gap

Railroad Stat’n was an unincorporated community 
in Pike County, Kentucky.  Its post office closed in 2004.  
i held your chin in my mouth and playfully bit, which really 
sent me.  Before our eyes grew visibly river and sheer cliffs 
beneath a scalloped ridge.  Hooked berry pines loomed, 
leaned ghenst by snow dusted twists of deciduous as in a
Japanese screen.  It was all we could stand of trees.

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