Saturday, November 8, 2014

sorry little one

sorry little one
have u ever opened a beer to sit back down and
find you already opened one?
it is the same brain fukk has people
out in fields of soybeans looking
for one particular clover----it was green but
had a touch of red on the outer edges,

a lunar moth settles on
the entrance to a corn maze and by the
time i happen upon it looks dead

i pick it up
thinking some way to not crush
the wings
it only moves
when i get it in my pocket. i let her go,
oddly disappointed.

you drink the beer i opened in error.
we wave to the passing trucks.
that clover isnt even clover, she said
its oxalis stricta, sourgrass.
true clovers are leguminous.
like beans, or acacia.
i suck on that;
dry storage.

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