Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Derive, Derive, Derive (Love).
 by can u punctuate a title?

by accident we happened
on a grove of unripe mangoes.
Nobody makes it that way].

we saw what no one looks like,
the heft of wind held by a sea
foam green bamboo striped
shadows into a landscape:

a prehistoric rockchair, a toke at Zion
where the water went from hardly at
all among the stones to knee-high,
a walk when your granny was near
Wade Chapel.      by chance we knelt
to see the pink-jewelled neck of his iguana,
you holding him near for me, some beer
levened in yr breath like a purple
yeast i wld knead].

we did not talk about what happened
but kept on like a motorcar steadily
leans towards, feeling the heat in the
distance, not wearily, and not in the
way, we were led to Believe Mountain,
where i learned you cant try.

its u being in the perfect image of u-->
<--its not on purpose but with one.
its me digging my reflection telling
me what it is you jive with us.

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