Tuesday, September 15, 2015

cutleaf teasel

cutleaf teasel

the wheats been harvested, soybeans are
getting there, and the corn is tall as a baller.
wild bergamot and chickory lay the spread,
no other flowers until i come across the
milkweed, giant pods by Cindys dads; they
are forward, they are yet to bloom.

and it has been purple the whole time,
since dead nettle covered whole fields; i had to
look them up. field pansies with their ceilings
oil-painted; red clover. i specifically came to
note the progress of the teasel. last i saw
them, theyd formed green heads. while i
was gone they flowered, white puff balls
with a yellow nucleous. now they are
cutleaf, and nearly blown.

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