Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bees Delight

Bees Delight
     for Lady K

we apprentess. she manages the hive,
i keep my head in a bird. two tufted
titties land the same time as nuthatches
just when she says, what birds? i dont
see any, and a female with a hint of
red, house finch perhaps, lands way
down the viewing deck of a pond
blue on account of what all overhangs it.

first time i personally ideed wood ducks,
just see the dames. i hone in on one with
my noclers. thin white ring about her
delicate eyes, like a map, neither leads
nor detracts from the vision of her i follow
to the grace of a brook summer tries to dry.
goldenrod, pressed among hostia leaves,
like by a witch, to keep between book pages,
bees delight in, annually. this is it, she says
exactly when i declare now is the time.

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