Tuesday, September 15, 2015

and home i flew

and home i flew

the sun spread itself a red pupil
in a gold eye watering. i backed into
some peaches where a cukoo was residing,
amid the staggered ebony of shadows dying.

warblers dropped from where to land
on what, with such velocity, i barely caught
the tail of one before i raced to almost see
the eye ring of another.

a puffed out hummingbird paused
long enough on a median branch,
confused me---ruby throat, yes,
but white crowned, impossibly.

not safe to walk the main road
in the dark, i gathered the buckeyes
i had snatched, and heard far cows
bawling for their calves. the sun
gone, i hawked round in a
ditch where i found true north
in a clouded sulfur butterfly.

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