Monday, July 20, 2015

Pause On The Walk

Pause On The Walk

the wild garlic stalks this summer bloomed
and went. some purple petals hang on like
after an explosion.

sun fills the recesses in the sarcophagus tree
where i saw my one and only rose-breast on a
solo moonshine expedition. id surely fit the
grave, although im no engineer, and cld not
guess what might keep me in suspense.

you flash a smile and zoom goes my lens.
i push you into gangly sunburnt arms of a
red cedar, see the juniper beside us, baring
more of its blue berries than it probably shld.
i lean against you splendidly. we barely touch
in just-right places. the wet of your chest
improves my smile like good braces. we
right ourselves and walk into worlds.

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