Saturday, November 8, 2014

Such Allusion

Such Allusion

i want you to play my lily horn
my cheek braced against yr antler
trembling grass mimicking waves
of nausea which try but cannot
penetrate this whole slow ease
i want to hold you
tip to shaft
a lil heater
lily horn a shellful
of white paint tears the sea firm and
real like freshwater pearls mindlessly
worked between the fingers.

the way the dirt of traffick collects
manifold on any new snow soon
enough we are but in gilt and grey
chivalrous bredths not abject;
the slush sounds itself out it
forgets its sense of self it is taken
altogether forced by its own nature
it lets go each floe to spread itself
out and be spread until the mercy of

at last obliterated set like chalk into
the paper sprayed still any inch of
black snow on any inch of curb
or sidewalk is its own Japanese
screen depicting mountain pondy
scenes or long decipherable
glyphs ill not decipher.

sometimes it is the scheme
tho whole one
makes the narrowest exactitude.
lets be the broadest and the
narrowest exacts and inexactest
narrows is the cones and lines of
the retinas reacting quite in congress
albeit by nature quite varying in process
it is allusion to Banvard's Folly it is all
so optical.

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