Sunday, November 9, 2014

i see orifices where they aint

i see orifices where thay aint
opening eyes peel paint
industrial staples make closed
eyed Enku likenesses 
on poles
lips pressed into a boulder whole 
scuff smiles spill into
even with teeth: of seed,
of pebble, a language of brush
felled maple with pine spells wonder
on a lemon squeezed lawn and a
hired scaffolding big long shadows
frown at the time

some will always be there,
it seems
the steel rods will-----
poking through white concrete over the
train tracks, pokes frowns
pokes empathy, pokes resistance,
stolid energies

others change by the lighting
hours of operation or ones own mood
could surely chase
them off

call me crazy the goddamned toilets
smile when i do this is not about nature
at all unless you mean my very very so
so so one that i meet and whether i like
it or not wherever i go

and i do go with love for you (yes, even 

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